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Who is administering this calendar?

The Galesburg Area Chamber of Commerce and the Galesburg Area Convention and Visitors Bureau administer this calendar. All event submissions are reviewed by their staff before being publicly posted.

Who can I contact if I have a question?

Please contact the Galesburg Area Convention and Visitors Bureau at 309-343-2485 or

Are all submitted events posted?

Not necessarily. All events will go through a review process. The requirements for posting include but are not limited to the following: the event is public and open to the community, the event is located in Knox County, and the event does not occur on a continuous basis (i.e. no daily/weekly events with no end date in mind).

What is the cost to organizations who want to use a calendar to connect with GoGalesburg? offers a free calendar and a $9 a month calendar. They will also create a coupon code giving us a 10% discount once the hub calendar is set up. You are not required to use a calendar BUT if you would like a different image associated with the event then this is an option. A free version is available, but please contact us for a coupong code if you are interested in upgrading to the Pro Calendar for $9 a month.

What other calendars work with GoGalesburg? will allow our hub calendar to subscribe to virtually any calendar (Outlook, iCal, Google, others, and of course, but a major downside of not using a calendar is that you cannot assign a custom picture to each event. You can, however, assign a single picture to your event. For example, if we continue using our Google calendar all our events would have our logo or image of our stage associated with it. If we switched to a Timely calendar, we could change the image for each of our shows. If using a calendar, you also must ensure the subscribed calendar does not include events such as when the organization will be closed, because all those events will feed into the GoGalesburg calendar.

What if there are multiple events on the same day/time?

Hang tight. Answer coming soon. We thank you for your patience!

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